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What We Do!

These days media is pushing an agenda rather than reporting the news. In light of that, we decided to become a David in a land of Goliaths and put our journalistic and creative talents to the test by starting an aggressively objective news, information and entertainment portal. The goal is to present a unique angle on the news of the day with no bias. The format will be roughly 80% news with bipartisan consideration with a look at sport and always a touch of humor. We will attempt to utilize social media not only to present the news, but also to engage the cyber community in contributing to the news itself. After all, It's your views, not ours.  

Who We Are!

NoView News is a web based information portal that will utilize social media, and produce highly original news, video, and other content in an aggressively objective manner.  An information service that values the users opinions, input, and does not advocate a bias.  

It is a big world out there, and free thinking citizens have an array of opinions that do not all fit under one umbrella.  Our mainstream American media is segmented along lines of bias, and our political leadership cannot get the big things done lacking anything less than a super-majority.  Even then there are intra-political party factions that will not stand for compromise.  The cable networks thrive on confrontation.  Do you think all the talking heads have opinions, ideals, that line up every single time with the causes, people they speak for?  No.  They are paid, on TV, known for being a staunch this, or that.  Not at NoView.  

We will report the stories without showing an angle.  In a democracy your view is valid - unless you want to invalidate another's.  We will be Washington based, but nationally focused.  We will, to a lesser extent, consider the general world of sport.  We will have the finest in humor from some of the most creative minds you may not have heard of.  Yet.  We are small, aggressively objective, and will favor original content over all.  We want conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats, libertarians and progressives, all, to find something to consider, enjoy, and laugh out loud about while reviewing our content.  

We will give you the unadulterated news and information so you can draw your own conclusions. We look forward to your questions, comments and contributions because NoView is about YOUR VIEW, not ours. Expect video teasers for upcoming stories and we'll look for your tweets, messages and emails because we not only need your input, we value it. Let's do interesting things. 

The Experiement

The experiment we are proposing is to prove that in a world of media Goliaths, a small start up an create content so compelling that it can, not only compete in the arena of ideas, but also monetized and succeed.  

If you agree and want to support our efforts, follow us and pledge on kickstarter.

Who We Are

Barbara M. Casanova

Barbara M. Casanova, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ms. Casanova has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit world ranging from political entities, and campaigns to charitable and trade organizations. Barbara has a diverse professional background that encompasses both legislative and association experience. This includes national conference coordination, association management, fund-raising, membership and business development, and marketing. 

Prior to her consulting career, Barbara was with the Vermont Captive Insurance Association for 12 years as Director of Membership and Development. In her role at the VCIA she directed membership development, membership services, and non-dues revenue development. She has also held positions as legislative aide, campaign coordinator and marketing specialist around the country.

Barbara holds a B.A. in Political Science ('94) from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She is a member of the American Society of Association Executives, the Miami-Dade Republican National Hispanic Assembly, and is a board member and treasurer of the National Association of Cuban Sugarmill Owners. Barbara has served on the Board of the Cuban Cultural Heritage and Southern Regional Representative of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. 

Kevin L. Trainor, Co-Founder & Managing Editor

Mr. Trainor's first foray into media was as a grade school columnist for his Catholic parish newspaper. Later he served as an assignments editor, news producer, reporter, and weather anchor in various media markets. His first taste of politics was as a very young floor runner at the 1980 Democratic National Convention. "I met everybody," he says, "from shaking the giant Irish pol hands of Tip O'Neill, to saying a bashful 'hi' to super-model Cheryl Tiegs." He has staffed on campaigns, causes, representing both sides of the party aisle. "My favorite president? Gerald Ford. A man of high integrity he was greatly respected by all on the Hill. He guided, brought the country together in the post-Watergate morass. A truly bi-partisan leader in a time that needed partisanship healing."

Mr. Trainor is an United States Army veteran. A graduate of Boston University-Europe with a Masters Degree in International Relations. A B.A. in Political Science from Belmont Abbey College. He graduated from the United States Army Intelligence Center and School, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. He attended Biscayne College, the former Universidad de San Tomas, of Havana, Cuba. Born in New York City he considers Sarasota, Florida, as his hometown.

Kevin is also a graduate of The Second City Theatre program, as well as iO, the former "ImprovOlympic," in Chicago. He auditioned for roles in Los Angeles, and was cast in a few forgettable "reality" productions. His claim to acting fame? "I was in a 'Talk Soup' clip once."

Mr. Trainor is single, and currently resides in Alexandria, VA.